A 100% Berkshire Harvest Facility

From the finest livestock grown in the pristine countryside of the Midwest to the counters and shelves of your stores, restaurants and homes.

We Are...

SIG International Iowa is a small custom processing facility, which allows us to
establish close, personal relationships with our customers and deliver the finest product.


We hand pick livestock producers from small family owned farms with generations of experience and contract these select producers to grow choice livestock from tried and true lineages.


Among our multiple certifications, we have an American Berkshire Association certification for our 100% Berkshire products, and USDA Certification for 100% Organic Processing.


Every piece in every box of our products can be traced back to their origins for authenticity through meticulous record keeping and lot segregations throughout the entire process.

We are

SIG takes great pride and works diligently in being able to satisfy our customers, who are the most discerning in the culinary world.
Berkshire Pork is known for its highly superior flavor and tenderness. A very specialized and highly sought after product, we take unprecedented measure to ensure these products are indeed 100% Berkshire breeding.

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